Struggling with weight loss and energy?

"What someone might call self-sabatoge is really just chronic survival in a life they feel resigned to live"
I would say that most people seek me out because they just can not seem to lose or keep weight off or they find that they are habitually tired. The really interesting thing, is that although we can dig in to these topics as much as you'd like, what I find so often, is that what someone might call self-sabotage is really just chronic survival in a life they feel resigned to live. The minute they start telling me about what lights them up is when the work begins. Together we can become really clear about what would be better, happier, lighter; a life full of meaning and fulfillment. We just slowly and sustainably make a pivot in that direction. Once that happens people start to discover that non-nourishing foods and late night sitcoms just fall away organically because they are motivated by something bigger and better.

We are talking here about weight loss and energy, but truly this work feels sacred at times. I get a front row seat to people getting more of what they want out of life...and the weight, we can work on that but I always want to start by adding more that feels good and letting the sub-optimal habits fall away second. If you're using will-power and beating yourself up...there is another way that feels good and is a whole lot more fun!

"Blue Reid is a born coach. She comes to this craft with the knowledge and understanding of someone who has been working in human development her entire life. Blue brought leverage, brightness, and a high degree of emotional intelligence to the issues I wanted to work on. She helped me go to places I never could have gone without her strong guidance, compassion, and encouragement. I am deeply indebted to her vision, her persistence, and her commitment to helping me become my best self."

Genevieve Anderson, Arizona USA

Coaching with Blue

I think people unfamiliar with coaching tend to think that a coach will tell them what to do and how to live. I, instead, listen with focus and help you to become clear about your definition of a life well lived. From there we can flush out what's in the way of it and start to pivot, slowly and sustainably towards that life.

Together we will design actionable, time bound goals and I will help you find an accountability partner or be yours. This isn't about my goals for you, but how you can become the best, most effective, high performing version of yourself.

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“From our first meeting Blue really made me think about what it was I wanted to do, why I wanted to do it, and structured together my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before. Blue helped me focus on the values that really mattered to me, helped me design a path to achieve them, and ultimately completing a major project finished to completion. As a result I find that I value my time, make efficient use of it, and rarely procrastinate now.”

Amir Khan, New York, USA

Blue's Story

I am all about heart and grit! I had the most incredible adoptive parents in the world who adored my brother and I! My Mother was the most cheerful, happy, loving person on the planet, and my Dad was a tough 'n' tender 50's Fonzie kind of guy. Those two people loved being parents and were an incredible team together. My Mother cheerfully survived daily life and accomplished everything she set out to do, all with a cracked spine from age 5, blindness by age 30, RA, cancer, several AutoImmune Diseases, and finally Dementia at 79. Pain was her constant companion and you would never know it. That beautiful woman taught me to love deeply, but also to suffer well. She never took my happiness away because she was in pain. She had cultivated skills for toughness, and taught them to me. Living with her love as well as her pain got me very connected to my own body and to health. I wanted to heal her, and I didn't want to suffer like that. I have had my own health journey with Lyme Disease, and have done a lot of trauma recovery work as well, so I can relate viscerally and empathetically to those I work with, and I am a living testament to the fact that healing the body and nervous system is totally possible. I carry the love my folks taught me, the compassion that pain and suffering brings, and a voraciousness for research to my coaching practice. I help my clients develop skills to manage the tough parts of life, and cultivate more sustained energy, resilience, and overall health so they can bring more good things to the world!
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Connection, compassion and health are important to me, so coaching is a natural offshoot of these core values. I set out to put people at ease and listen carefully and reflect back so that my clients know they have been heard. From there, I get to watch someone go from overwhelmed to empowered and full of resolve. People can make meaningful change...I see it every day...and I get a front row seat! You can be next. Just fill out the form below and I will get in touch to schedule a time to talk.